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The dog is the preferred host of the adult tick

The dog is the preferred host of the adult tick, although it feeds on many large mammals, including man. The males and females have pale whitish or yellowish markings on the dorsal shield. Males may be only 1/8 inch long, while engorged females may be as much as 1⁄2 inch in length. This species is known to transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia.Deer Tick, or Black-Legged Tick, is found in the eastern half of the US. Common hosts include deer, livestock and dogs. This species loves to feed on humans in the northeastern US and only occasionally in Texas. The males and females are dark brown in color and have no white markings. Males may be only 1/8 inch long, while engorged females may be as much as 1⁄2 inch in length. This tick species is known to transmit Lyme disease and babesiosis.In addition to the various diseases you can contract, ticks can cause tick paralysis, a condition which occurs when neurotoxins in the tick saliva induce paralysis of the body and, in extreme cases, can stop you from breathing.Deer, Lone Star and American Dog ticks fall into the category of hard ticks, which have a tough back plate and have a tendency to attach and feed for hours, even days. Disease transmission usually occurs near the end of a meal, as the tick gorges on your blood.A tick secretes “cementum” to firmly anchor its head to the host. It may also regurgitate tiny amounts of saliva that contain neurotoxins, which prevent the host from feeling the pain and irritation of the bite. So you may never notice the tick feeding on you.Tick bites are generally painless. This made him a rarity among martial artists of that time. He authored several books and in the late 1800’s popularized the term nei chia chuan, which translates as “Internal Family Arts” or “Internal Martial Arts.” The term Internal Martial Arts caught on and had a conceptual influence on other arts, which actually is different than the meaning of the term.

The concept of Internal Arts referred to Arts developed within China such as T’ai chi ch’uan, Hsing-I Ch’uan, and pa-kua chang. External arts are those based on Shaolin ch’uan which came from India. This idea often confuses people as they think it means having to do with “Internal power”.New Wu StyleYang Lu-chan’s two sons carried on his brand of t’ai chi ch’uan. One of them, Yang Pan-hou, taught a modified small-frame style. He is also reported to have taught a watered-down form to the Imperial family and still jintropin another form to his towns-people.Several versions of t’ai chi are now attributed to Yang Pan-hou. The most famous is the other Wu style or “Medium Frame” form of Wu Jian-chuan (Wu Jianquan) (1870 – 1942) and another is Kuang Ping style (described later). Yang taught Wu Chuan-yu, who taught his son, Wu Jian-chuan. This style is called the “New Wu style” by some, and is distinct from the Wu style of Wu Yu-hsiang.Some Wu stylists advocate using a pronounced lean in many of the techniques to help the student gain leverage and power. Other Wu practitioners remain upright as in the Chen style. The original form had 108 to 121 movements, but several short and modified versions of Wu style now exist.Kuang P’ing – Guang Ping StyleAnother t’ai chi ch’uan offshoot from Yang Pan-hou is the Kuang P’ing (also spelled Guang Ping) style, which Yang allegedly taught at one point in his life. It’s interesting to note that there are very few similarities between the Kuang Ping style and the Wu style. The Kuang P’ing form is more open and linear, and it uses a more sideways-oriented stance.

It also has very extended arm movements and sometimes appears to be a bridge between the Ch’en style and the Yang style. As in the older Yang forms, the upright stance is used.The Kuang P’ing forms use an upright stance and straight-leg heel kicks and jumping kicks. It is usually done at a faster pace, at least faster than the later Yang forms. The form also includes some fast step-up movements which are similar to those found in hsing-i ch’uan. Most of the techniques in the Kuang Ping form are different from those of the Chen, Yang, or Wu forms. Some experts, such as Andrew Dale, a t’ai chi & pa-kua master in Seattle, say there is a large pa-kua chang emphasis in the form.Several versions of the style are taught today, mostly in California. What you will discover with most cardio workouts is that abdominal exercises are also included, since having a strong core is essential for a fit body. Those who desire to workout from home will find great value with these videos.Collage Video. This site also has a good collection of cardio workout videos. They even sell some of the older videos by instructors such as Jane Fonda. While they may not have the diverse selection that Amazon has, they do offer quality in terms of instructors. You can buy ones from Denise Austin, Cathe Friedrich, Jackie Warner, Jilian Michaels, Kathy Smith, and many more. You can also find out how intense each video is by looking to see whether it’s for beginner, intermediate, or advanced users.Slimtree. They don’t sell DVDs, instead they allow you to watch the videos from their website by becoming a member. You can read through testimonials, get access to health and fitness tips, and view video clips for free. You must at least sign up for a free membership, and in order to access everything you’ll have to pay a fee each month.

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