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MGF is the abbreviation of Mechano Growth Factor, better known as MGF , is a splice variant of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1). This hormone is largely responsible for the healing and building of damaged muscle tissue post exercise or any other activity that causes damage to the muscle tissue. Although somewhat simplistic to say, the best way to view MGF is as a byproduct of IGF-1, specifically, IGF-1Ec, which represents the predominant splice in the two splice system created by IGF-1.

MGF Peptide benefit & effect

The effects of MGF can largely be summed up by two words, hypertrophy and recovery. MGF being released into the body is beneficial for any athlete or fitness enthusiast regardless of bulking, cutting or any other phase he may be in. The release of MGF is something that occurs naturally, but in the case of performance enhancement the idea is to create a greater release of MGF than can be had naturally. The most common way to accomplish this is through the use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH carries with it many health and performance benefits, including the elevation of IGF-1 levels, in turn increasing MGF. However, direct supplementation of MGF is also possible through synthetic products.

Data shows that direct increases of MGF (injections) to have increased muscle fibers by 25% in a mere three weeks, where natural occurring took upwards of four months to produce 15% in rodents.

MGF is highly anabolic and can be a great addition to an off-season gaining phase. However, because the half-life of the product is only a few minutes and because it must be used immediately post training, it can be difficult for some people to use. For the benefits of injectable MGF to be had, it must be administered within a few minutes of a training session to catch the open window. If the individual were to train, drive home and then inject, he would have wasted the opportunity.

A more suitable option for many MGF users may be PEG-MGF. PEG-MGF is active in the body for several hours, whereas standard MGF only for a few minutes. Further, MGF will only remain active in the area of injection for a few moments. If you were to train biceps, for best results you would need to inject both biceps immediately post training. With PEG-MGF a single injection along with the hours of activity would allow for it to take a more full effect.

MGF Peptide Possible side-effects

The side effects of MGF are somewhat lacking, meaning official data is sparse. Pain or irritation at the injected area is the most common complaint, which normally refers to a sore or itchy feeling at the injected site.

MGF Functions and Traits

IGF-1 is a hormone consisting of 70 amino acids that is structurally similar to insulin. Produced by the liver, IGF-1 production is stimulated by the production and release of Growth Hormone (GH) in the body. IGF-1 affects nearly every cell in the human body, predominantly as it pertains to cellular repair. When muscle tissue is damaged, this creates a response in the body that causes IGF-1 to be spliced into two variants, IGF-1Ec and IGF-1Ea, the former being MGF.

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The splice to MGF activates satellite cells causing the growth of new muscle fibers in the body. Further, the presence of MGF increases the body’s rate of protein synthesis. This will cause the body to increase muscle size and more importantly repair existing damaged muscle. The recovery factor associated with MGF is without question the most important and beneficial aspect of the hormone.

Although the function of MGF may seem slightly confusing when you first glance, the process itself is rather simple when you look at it step-by-step:

IGF-1 is released due to exercise (occurs post exercise)

IGF-1 is spliced to MGF

MGF activates recovery of muscle tissue via an activation of muscle stem cells

MGF Administration

MGF is an injectable peptide that is administered with an insulin needle directly into the muscle(s) trained and immediately after training. 200mcg per injection is the normal or standard dose for most and is normally used for no more than four weeks. Users who surpass four weeks of use may find the benefits quickly fall due to an adaption. For optimal results, many will supplement with MGF for four weeks and then IGF-1 for four weeks, normally IGF-1 LR3 or IGF-1 DES. Using both MGF and IGF-1 at the same time (on the same day) would prove counterproductive, as they would compete with each other. However, some individuals have reported using IGF-1 on and MGF on alternating days to avoid blunting the effects of each other. Unfortunately, data is not fully conclusive in terms of what’s officially the most effective.

MGF is found in freeze-dried form and mixed with a sterile solution and must remain refrigerated once reconstituted. MGF should remain stable and potent for up to six months post-mixing. It must be reiterated, for a stable MGF experience, the user will typically find PEG-MGF to be the only MGF product worth using.

How it Works ?

Our Mechano Growth Factor peptides for sale are only for research purposes.Mechano Growth factor (MGF) is produced to repair torn muscle fibers caused by resistance in training activities.This peptide stimulates the production of new muscle fibers in the body, muscle growth and the growth promotion in the body parts that aren’t proportional to one’s physique.

How To Use The MGF Peptide ?

MGF Dosage

before seeeking Mechano Growth Factor, you have to be aware of the dosage program .A dose of 200 to 400 mcg is recommended to be taken thrice aweek.The only major problem of Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) lies in the fact that it has a short half-life of between 5-7 minutes.Therefore,when using this peptide after your workout,only apply it to your damaged muscle tissue.Buy MGF online from here.

Physical Training with Mechano Growth Factor (MGF)

Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) is an alternative of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF) gene which facilitates muscle fiber maturation while also boosting the stem cell count in the muscles.Natural Mechano Growth Factor locally prevails during adult muscle growth.

The peptide is administered through an injection that makes use of synthetic peptides Mechano Growth Factor,a Water-based compound given intramuscularly(IM) whose stability lasts for several minutes only.Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) is often used for overall muscle growth

How to Mix MGF Peptide ?

before using the EPITHALON Peptide , follow these instructions:

  • Add 1mL of sterile water to the MGF vial.
  • Release the water slowly and strictly on the side of the glass vial.
  • DON’T SHAKE the vial violently as this will disrupt the solution.
  • Continue to swirl until all the powder dissolves to achieve a clear solution.
  • For the MGF pre mixed,Use it directly.

Injection Sites :Where To Injection ThMGF Peptide ?

The MGF Peptide hould always be injected subcutaneously, i.e., just below the skin and into the fatty tissue. The best sites are the stomach, deltoid, and thigh. Simply pinch along the skin and inject the hormone into the roll of fat. Alternate the sites to avoid bruising.

Storage Of The MGF Peptide

BMechano Growth Factor for sale is freeze-dried and therefore will remain stable at room temperature for 1-2 months.however, for long-term storage,they should be kept a 2-8 degrees celsius (refrigerator temperature),where they will remain stable for up to 18 months in powder form.once mixed with the mixing solution.MGF peptides vials should be stored in the refrigerator and not left at room temperature.

The MGF Peptide Mixed reviews Summary

Standard MGF is very difficult to control and often hard to obtain worthwhile benefits with due to the small window of acceptable administration time. For this reason, the only MGF that makes sense to use is PEG-MGF. The addition of PEG is simply a Polyethylene glycol that increases the half-life of the MGF. It is not toxic and presents no damage to the hormone or body.

MGF can also be a suitable option for the anabolic steroid user who is in between steroid cycles. There is no testosterone suppression with this product. However, full results, the most gains to be made will be seen when used with anabolic steroids.

MGF review

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You can get sterile or bacteriostatic water at your local pharmacy or online.Before making your purchase, make sure the label reads “for injection.”

You should also check if you need a prescription in your country before purchasing it in your local pharmacy.

Now some brand hgh package with the Bacteriostatic Water like the Pure gold hgh . also you could choice the HGH Pre Mixed Pen.

HGH should always be injected subcutaneously, i.e., just below the skin and into the fatty tissue. The best sites are the stomach, deltoid, and thigh. Simply pinch along the skin and inject the hormone into the roll of fat. Alternate the sites to avoid bruising.

Before dilution, keep hgh Freeze-dried powder at 2-8 °C (room temperature) and avoid cold storage. Notice the period of validity printed on the label. After diluted with water: it must be used within 72 hours. It must be kept at 2-8°C (room temperature) and avoid refrigeration(too low)

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