Riptropin is one of generic human growth hormone (somatropin HGH) branded.It is produced through a technology that creates a whopping 191 amino acid sequence. It almost resembles the growth Hormone produced naturally by pituitary glands.

Riptropin HGH

  • Manufactured by: Hygehgh Biopharm Co., Ltd.
  • Country of origin: China
  • Manufactured since: 2009 – Present
  • Package :10iu/10vials/1kits
  • Price: $1.5 – $3 per IU
  • Minimum Order:1 kits
  • Storage:2–8 ℃ in (room temperature)
  • Delivery: 5-15 days
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Riptropin is produced as the highest grade hormone to be used as an injectable human growth hormone for those deficient of it, or simply those who can’t produce enough of the hormone naturally. It serves the body with many functions.

Riptropin HGH Benefit & Effects

Riptropin HGH stimulates skeletal and somatic growth, and activates metabolic reactions and regeneration processes in the body. It slows the synthesis of fats and stimulates muscle growth.

Riptropin HGH positively affects gland functions of the body – thymus, genital, thyroid, adrenal, etc. This drug suppresses the production of certain enzymes and stimulates insulin-like growth factor. Moreover, it stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, hair, bones, and other tissues.

Additional benefits include a small number of side effects. Unwanted side effects occur when you change the dosage and the schedule of injections (in the vast majority of cases). It is worth remembering that long-term Riptropin HGH therapy can lead to hypothyroidism.

Nevertheless, the effectiveness of this drug is simply amazing. Riptropin HGH is widely used in medicine for the treatment of a number of different disorders. Despite the high price, a large number of both amateur and professional athletes use this highly effective drug for burning fat deposits and muscle growth. Mild side effects allow combining Riptropin HGH with a large number of other drugs, which gives a truly amazing result.

For more benefits of Riptropin HGH kindly check the following:

FASTER WEIGHT LOSSHigher human growth hormone levels give you more energy, which means you’ll burn more calories during your workouts and while doing daily activities. And that means you’ll burn fat and lose weight faster.
FASTER RECOVERY FROM WORKOUTSHuman growth hormone cuts down the time it takes you to recover – between both exercises and workouts. If you’re doing a circuit-type workout, for example, you’ll be able to recover faster between exercises when your HGH levels are elevated.
STRENGTH GAINSThe amount of strength you produce is highly dependant on the amount of HGH you have flowing through your body. It’s true that bigger muscles can move bigger weights, but having the strength to move the weights in the first place is paramount.
MUSCLE GROWTHThe increased energy HGH gives you also helps you build more muscle. It takes energy to push heavy weights around. Plus, the previous strength gains benefit goes hand in hand with this one. Extra strength will lead to more muscle and vice versa.
HAIR GROWTHHigher human growth hormone levels result in better physical characteristics in the body – such as healthier hair and faster hair growth.
BETTER BRAIN FUNCTIONHGH contributes to the brain as much as the body. When your human growth hormone levels are high, so is your ability to think and focus.
HIGHER SEX DRIVEYour sexual function is directly related to your testosterone and human growth hormone output. When they are on an even keel, so is your sexual appetite. HGH can even help you achieve better erections.
ELEVATED MOODYou can’t always be in a good mood. But if your HGH levels are lower than normal, you’ll have an even tougher time being happy. However, when your levels are on par, the game changes. Your mood will stay elevated and you’re less likely to be anxious.
BETTER SLEEPIt’s during sleep that your body goes into recovery mode – both physically and mentally. If you deprive yourself of sleep, this will have an adverse effect on your wellbeing, and your human growth hormone release.
On the flipside, if your HGH levels are normal or high, you’ll have no trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, which means you’ll feel more refreshed the next day.
STRONGER BONESYou need strong bones to support your body when you’re doing anything physical. Elevated HGH levels keep your bones stronger and more resistant to breaks – especially important as you begin to age.

Riptropin HGH somatropin hgh side effect

following is the side effect for the hgh product, if happen this when you injection the hgh product,dont worry. you could Control adverse reaction.

Common side effects of Jintropin includecall your doctor at once if you have serious side effects
pain, itching, or skin changes where the medicine was injected;pancreatitis–severe pain in your upper stomach spreading to your back, nausea and vomiting;
swelling, rapid weight gain;ear pain, swelling, warmth, or drainage;
muscle or joint pain;numbness or tingling in your wrist, hand, or fingers;
numbness or tingling;severe swelling or puffiness in your hands and feet;
stomach pain, gas;pain or swelling in your joints;
headache, back pain; or
cold or flu symptoms, stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, ear pain.
pancreatitis–severe pain in your upper stomach spreading to your back, nausea and vomiting;
high blood sugar–increased thirst, increased urination, dry mouth, fruity breath odor;
increased pressure inside the skull–severe headaches, ringing in your ears, dizziness, nausea, vision problems, pain behind your eyes; or
signs of an adrenal gland problem–extreme weakness, severe dizziness, weight loss, changes in skin color, feeling very weak or tired.

Not all possible drug interactions are listed here.

Riptropin hgh side effect and Some Clinical phenomenon

Some patients may experience transient hyperglycosemia as a side effect along with red swelling, tingling numbness, or pain.

Other side effects may include fluid retention, carpal tunnel syndrome, morning headaches, and peripheral edema.

The side effects usually occur during the initial stages and reduce over time.

Why Choice Riptropin HGH For Bodybuilding ?

The main advantages of riptropin hgh for athletes:

  1. Reduction of excessive amounts of fat in the body (especially abdominal fat). Reduction of abdominal fat is the strongest and most visible effect of riptropin hgh.
  2. Increased muscle mass. You can also improve your physical strength when practicing sport activities.
  3. Reduction of the number of wrinkles along with other positive effects on the skin.
  4. Increased bone density.
  5. Immune system stimulation.

Riptropin hgh may help improve brain function. Note that it is forbidden to use this drug during pregnancy, breastfeeding. Those who suffer from diabetes or cancer should avoid using Blue top hgh as well.

Riptropin hgh is also getting super popular among athletes. To date, Riptropin hgh is among the best and most reliable drugs that are designed to build muscle. Somatropin speeds up metabolic reactions. Moreover, it has a fat burning effect.

Usage of Riptropin injection

When it comes to the question of HGH dosage – how much should you take each day, one of the most important aspects is your goals. While it is true that HGH has the same benefits regardless of the dose, you can experience more intense benefits and improved results by using the right dose for the goals you have set.

Riptropin HGH Dosing Protocol

This is the generally accepted dosing protocol:

  • 2-3 IUs – Anti-Aging, Cosmetic, Joint Support, and Bone Health
  • 4-8 IUs – Average first-time dose for bodybuilding. You can expect lean muscle gain and fat loss
  • 8-15 IUs – Intermediate to advanced dose for bodybuilding/athletics. As this dose range gets to or goes above 15 IU’s, it translates to abuse levels with significant side effects

It needs to be remembered that your results are not just a reflection of how much HGH you use, they will also depend on your training and diet. If you are interested in anti-aging or cosmetic purposes, training is a non-issue but your diet is still important. If you have not decided on a brand of HGH yet, visit to look over the best brands at the best prices anywhere on the net.

Riptropin HGH Other Used Dosage

One factor in the results you get from using Riptropin HGH depends on your goals. If you are a bodybuilder or athlete, your dose will depend on previous experience, if any, with HGH. As suggested above, first-time users should use a lower dose. As you become more experienced, you can increase the dosage. Experienced bodybuilders and athletes will use a higher dose. If you are using HGH for anti-aging or cosmetic purposes, your dosage should stay in the 2-3 IU range.

Riptropin HGH dosage depends on Cycle Duration

In terms of cycle duration, there are typically two types:

  1. A short cycle of 1-2 months. This supports skin regeneration, cartilage synthesis, and joint health.
  2. A Long cycle of 4-6 months. This is the optimal length and should be followed by an off-cycle of the same length. This is the typical length for bodybuilders/athletes.

Riptropin HGH Frequency Of Use Protocol (ED, EOD, 3TW, 5/2)

There are 4 frequency protocols concerning HGH use. (1) They are as follows:

  1. ED (every day) – This is a common frequency of use because it provides a consistent level of HGH. This is the best choice but it’s also the most expensive.
  2. EOD (every other day) – This is a better choice if your budget is the primary factor. This frequency should be used with a longer cycle to get results comparable to ED use.
  3. 3TW – This is the frequency used in medicine to treat GH-deficient children.
  4. 5/2 – This frequency is a good choice for people that use Riptropin HGH for several years at a time. A two day break every week limits side effects.

Riptropin Daily Dosing Protocol

The answer to the question of HGH dosage – how much should you take per day is answered here. There are two options: you can take one big dose or two smaller doses per day.

Two doses per day is the best choice for the following reasons:

  1. Two injections a day provide a constant level of HGH and IGF-1. This means your body will experience the effects consistently over the entire day.
  2. Two injections are easier for the liver to process.
  3. Any potential side effects will be milder.

How to Mix Riptropin Hgh?

before using Riptropin hgh, follow these instructions:

  • Add 1mL of sterile water to the Riptropin HGH vial.
  • Release the water slowly and strictly on the side of the glass vial.
  • DON’T SHAKE the vial violently as this will disrupt the solution.
  • Continue to swirl until all the powder dissolves to achieve a clear solution.

Injection Sites :Where To Injection The Riptropin hgh ?

Riptropin HGH should always be injected subcutaneously, i.e., just below the skin and into the fatty tissue. The best sites are the stomach, deltoid, and thigh. Simply pinch along the skin and inject the hormone into the roll of fat. Alternate the sites to avoid bruising.

When to take Riptropin hgh for muscle building ?

Using Riptropin hgh for muscle building effects,It’s best to take half of your total daily dose after you wake up and the other half between a post-workout session and bedtime.

Or half dosage in the morning and half dosage in late afternoon) for bodybuilding purposes

Storage Of Riptropin Hgh

Before dilution, keep Riptropin at 2-8 °C (room temperature) and avoid cold storage. Notice the period of validity printed on the label. After diluted with water: it must be used within 72 hours. It must be kept at 2-8°C (room temperature) and avoid refrigeration(too low)

If you use sterile water, you should use the vial within 3 days .For bacteriostatic water, you should use the vial within 10 days

Length Of Use Riptropin for muscle building

Many people know that hgh is produced by the pituitary gland. The peak of its concentration occurs at night (when a person sleeps). Therefore, it is recommended taking growth hormone immediately after waking up (in order to maintain proper hgh level for as long as possible). Also, it is recommended to delay any food for at least 30-50 minutes after the injection.

Be sure to have at least 8 hours of healthy sleep. Food should also be as balanced as possible. It is necessary to eat foods high in protein.

So riptropin HGH results are not produce immediately. It might take 2 to 3 months before you can see results. riptropin HGH cycle is after every 6 months.It is worthwhile to consult a doctor in the case of medical problems.

Riptropin Mixed reviews Summary

Riptropin is an 191 amino acid sequence somatropin of high quality.Riptropin came on the market in 2008 along with several other re-branded generics to fill the market vacuum which was created after Riptropin’s manufacturer license was temporarily revoked by Chinese government following a crackdown on abundant black market HGH. Before Riptropin was the most widely used growth hormone brand. It’s sudden disappearance from the market left the people scrambling to find a suitable replacement. Riptropin has since returned on the market, Riptropin as a best effect product also hot sell in market.

Riptropin review

  • Availability
  • Reputability
  • Purity
  • Price
  • Cost Effectiveness


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You can get sterile or bacteriostatic water at your local pharmacy or online.Before making your purchase, make sure the label reads “for injection.”

You should also check if you need a prescription in your country before purchasing it in your local pharmacy.

Now some brand hgh package with the Bacteriostatic Water like the Pure gold hgh . also you could choice the HGH Pre Mixed Pen.

HGH should always be injected subcutaneously, i.e., just below the skin and into the fatty tissue. The best sites are the stomach, deltoid, and thigh. Simply pinch along the skin and inject the hormone into the roll of fat. Alternate the sites to avoid bruising.

Before dilution, keep hgh Freeze-dried powder at 2-8 °C (room temperature) and avoid cold storage. Notice the period of validity printed on the label. After diluted with water: it must be used within 72 hours. It must be kept at 2-8°C (room temperature) and avoid refrigeration(too low)

If you use sterile water, you should use the vial within 3 days .For bacteriostatic water, you should use the vial within 10 days